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The picture on our main page makes a good point. Many people believe that by giving up something like chocolate for a few weeks during Lent, they’ll improve their relationship with God. Anything’s possible…so maybe it does, for some people. However, some of us grew up that way, and haven’t seen much improvement based on 47 days without chocolate. Although sacrifices are one way to show praise for God during Lent…we think it’s possible that people can help improve their relationship with God by also using Lent as a time to bring something positive to the world.

So, we created the Lenten Positive Acts Challenge. It’s a fun and powerful way to praise God, and help people at the same time.

Please click on The Lenten Positive Acts Challenge tab to learn about it.

Then take The Challenge…and join us on a Positive Lenten Journey!

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  1. Robert Lauricella

    Attended family meeting regarding my father s health care

  2. Robert Lauricella

    Walked an elderly woman back to the nurses station today.

  3. I see this is a Catholic thing… I am a Catholic, so I like that… but who is actually sponsoring this? I would just like to know! Thank you very much.

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